recruiting info

Recruiting Information

Recruiting is an activity which is aimed at recruitment. The terms of reference include not only the search itself, but also the hiring and evaluation of professional skills of the potential employee.

A person who has been recruiting staff, called a recruiter or HR-manager.

Typically, search personnel engaged in the companies themselves, who need a staff member, but there are organizations that are engaged in recruitment in a professional manner by the order of third-party companies.

When contacting the HR-organization customer places an order, after which the company starts looking for a suitable candidate in accordance with the task. Typically, HR-companies are finding several prospective candidates, and the selection and approval of a suitable candidate is engaged in the client company on the basis of personal interview (that is actually a recruiter acts as an intermediary between the employee and the company).

Search for HR-company receives monetary compensation, the company – a new employee, the employee – a new job, so such activities are beneficial to all participants. To date, recruitment occurs in business, politics, education and so on.

Forms of recruitment

You have to know the government hiring process in various ways, and the choice of a particular method depends on many parameters (type of activity, the real state of the labor market, education, legal technicalities). Basic methods of selection are as follows:

– Analysis of the immediate environment in order to identify people business skills which could arrange the employer.

– Search for potential candidates among graduates of specialized universities. This method has the distinct advantage – a truly skilled workers is very low, and the students will be pleased to any proposal (moreover, this category is usually not demanding with regard to the salary).

– To hire valuable employees may be held poaching people from other firms. For these purposes are used as simple methods (for example, a recruiter may promise big salary), and quite difficult and not always legal (for example, the client company may enter into with the company-competitor special arrangements to subsequently entice interested person on his side).

– Search for potential customers of special databases, which are compiled on the basis of public and private sources.

The latest trends of recruitment

To date, we developed a lot of recruiting models. In order to successfully pass an interview read article Widespread model of digital recruiting, which is considered one of the most effective.

The main features of such newest recruitment:

– the use of social networks. Many HR-managers specifically go on various thematic groups in social networks in order to find the most creative and talented people. The main social networks – Facebook, Instagram, VK and others. Today page, you can find out where the person works, his education, career path, about salaries and so on. Also, nothing prevents the HR-manager write to potential employees and make it a business proposition;

– the use of special sites for job search. Today, many people put their portfolios on special sites, where the employer can find a suitable employee (LinkedIn, XING, and others). These resources can take advantage of and a recruiter to find a suitable employee for his employer;

– gamification (where possible). To test a potential employee’s aptitude, HR-manager can use a variety of techniques. Today, they are more like simple games than boring tests, as it allows to evaluate the creativity and originality of thinking of the candidate.