Mission & Vision

Chelsea District Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the Chelsea District Library is to provide equal access to quality resources that serve the lifelong cultural, educational and informational needs and interests of all people.
Chelsea District Library Vision Statement, 2005:

The Chelsea District Library will provide access to timely, accurate and diverse sources of information in a spacious, attractive, state-of-the-art facility with an excellent collection of books, periodicals, videos, DVD, CDs, audio-books, and online and CD-ROM databases. The community will be literate and educated, and will regard the Library as center of local pride – the first place people turn for information to support their personal, professional and public decision. The Library’s dynamic programs and services will complement and support local schools and other important community needs. The Library will support, respect and advocate individual rights to privacy and confidentiality.
Chelsea District Library Core Values:

The Library believes that the public has a right to equal, uncensored access to information regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, lifestyle or physical limitations.

  • Personal privacy and confidentiality of the individual must be respected.
  • Fiscal integrity and accountability are essential to the Library’s governance and operations.
  • The free exchange of ideas is a fundamental principle of democratic society.
  • The Library’s programs and services are culturally inclusive and respectful of diverse
    points of view.
  • The Library upholds the highest ethical and professional standards as outlined by the American Library Association.